Water says: “It feels OK, show me the best way to support you”


Water is in their element when things are in flow.  Water is guided by emotions and feelings, and is able to read the emotions of others easily and react accordingly.  At times they may appear shallow and talkative, whilst at other times Water is still, deep and silent.  This is because Water’s talent is to reflect the world around them, in order to help others feel at ease.  Others who are less inclined to reflect the feelings of others can become frustrated by what appears to be waves of emotion in the Water person.

Water is the most malleable of the four elements – and can transform from being cold and frozen, like ice, to being supportive, cleansing and calming, like a still pond, to being in flow and gently influencing the lay of the land over long periods of time.  Water enjoys boundaries and guidelines, and the uncertainty that results when they are given too much autonomy can result in feeling ‘foggy’ and clouding their thinking.  Water is often a good barometer, indicating the ongoing status of a project; and whilst the Water person is reliable in most circumstances, it pays to remember that water can float a ship, or sink it.

För att få veta hur du influeras av elementet Vatten, boka en egen coachtimme.