Air says: “I think it will work because….”


Air permeates almost all aspects of life, and is a wonderful connector of people and resources.  Air is often present as a pleasant breeze that breathes life into situations. Air is highly flexible, and changes direction rapidly when convinced of the benefits.

Air leads with the head, and is concerned with facts and knowledge.  Air is an ideas person, and often seems to breeze in with a fresh perspective.  Air is curious, analytical and intellectual, their concern is with thinking and planning, more so than emotion or experience.  Air is not bound by practical issues, instead identifying new solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to address conventional concerns.  If Air is able to connect the dots and intellectualise a solution, they will back their idea with the knowledge, but without necessarily having the experience, to know it will work.

För att få veta hur du influeras av elementet Luft, boka en egen coachtimme.