Där de flesta analysverktygen inordnar människor i ”typer”, utforskar Elemental influence de stilar som ledare och teammedlemmar kan använda för att påverka ett utfall.

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Jord - Earth

Calm and steady, regardless of the chaos going on around them, Earth Influencers build a rock-solid foundation where team members can grow. Their ability to deal patiently with pressure over long periods of time often results in the creation of diamonds.

Luft - Air

A constant eddy of new ideas & enthusiasm, Air Influencers love to connect people. Curious, analytical and intellectual, they are charismatic and persuasive communicators. Air is highly flexible, and changes direction rapidly when convinced of the benefits.

Eld - Fire

Fire Influencers lead the charge, blazing a trail for the team to follow. With little regard for convention, they are both creator and destroyer – sweeping through the landscape to clear the dead wood and make way for new growth.

Vatten - Water

Flexible, direct and persistent, Water Influencers keep at a problem until they find a way. Able to reflect the world around them, they make others feel at ease. Over time, their gentle and consistent influence results in significant change to the environment.

Elemental Influences hjälpte mig att se vilket element som saknades i min verksamhet och därmed vad jag behövde ta tag i för att skapa mer flöde in, av pengar, energi, kunder och kontakter. - Aryel Walett